• Semper case


      Semper wants to make sure they are always available for fans to address their needs and questions. Timely communication on social media can be a real challenge when your team involves more than 200 people across countries. Semper solved it with the help of Komfo.
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    • Smoothie yog med frukt
      “For us it’s very important to answer consumers’ questions as soon as possible and Komfo makes me feel very safe that I don’t “lose” any questions on the page. Komfo has saved us a lot of working hours as it is so easy to work with.”
      Catharina Fertaki Bergström, Customer Development Specialist
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    • JYSK case

      Quality Content + Facebook Advertising = Success for JYSK

      JYSK wanted to launch their Facebook page, gather some initial fan base and boost then its engagement. They trusted the Komfo Ad Manger for helping them with achieving those goals.
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    • Jysk
      ”Komfo proves that Facebook is more than just likes. There is also money to be made from Facebook advertising.”
      Anders Lunde, Social Media Manager for JYSK Nordic
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    • Ældre Sagen case

      Public Debate Between Elderly People Revived on Social Media

      Ældre Sagen is a member-oriented organization. They listen to their members' needs and requirements and tailor their offerings and efforts accordingly. Therefore, the association decided to actively join the social networks Facebook and Twitter and thus enable further the debate in their community. The Ældre Sagen team needed some help in their efforts on social media and they chose to trust the Komfo suite for this.
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    • Ældre sagen
      "Komfo has made our everyday use of social media a lot easier! The only problem with Komfo is that it is so much fun to work with, that I spend maybe a lot of my time playing with all the different tools and checking the statistics all the time.”
      Charlotte Boman Hede, Press officer and journalist
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    • Team Danmark case

      Team Danmark Recruit Fans Successfully with Facebook Ads

      Team Denmark aimed at creating an active Facebook community and the first step towards their success was to recruit the right fans, who would be genuinely interested in elite sports. They decided to try Facebook advertising and by using the Komfo Ad Manager managed to double their fanbase within less than a week.
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    • Team Danmark
      “After introducing Facebook ads through Komfo Ad Manager we doubled our fanbase from 700 to 1500 within less than a week.”
      Mads Sejerøe, Communications consultant
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    • Sony PlayStation case

      Sony PlayStation Increased their Reach Significantly with Facebook Ads

      Sony PlayStation in the Nordics wanted to increase their awareness and reach on Facebook. They decided to try Facebook advertising and trusted the Komfo Ad Manager for help with it. The campaign results were fantastic and significantly higher when compared to previous months.
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    • PS3
      “We concentrate on creating great content. Komfo Ad Manager takes care of the rest.”
      Casper Leise Andersson, Community Coordinator
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    • Copenhagen Municipality case


      The Copenhagen Municipality has always tried to position and act as an innovative municipality. They were eager to start using Facebook and Instagram in the beginning of 2013. Their main goal was to provide even better civil service and create an active online community. Read how For four months the Copenhagen Municipality managed to activate a fan base of 11 500 fans and gather more than 1000 comments – 90% of which positive or neutral.
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    • Københavns kommune
      "One of the most important things for us is to get our messages out to the citizens and reply back to them on questions and posts. This is managed easily and efficient through Komfo!"
      Tine Germundsson, Communications Consultant
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    • Tv3 case


      TV3 wanted to bring their reality show Paradise Hotel even closer to the fans and make them interact actively. Komfo provided TV3’s digital team with the right tools and support so they could focus on what they do best - creating good content and communicating with the audience. The results were fantastic with their fan base increasing with 300% for one year.
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    • Paradise Hotel
      “Komfo gives us the tools to create engaging content for our users. The Komfo team is always ready to help both with technical questions but also creative brainstorming.”
      Stephanie Winkel, TV3 Play & Social Media Manager
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    • The Body Shop Case


      The Body Shop in Denmark wanted to raise the brand awareness on Facebook starting by increasing their fan base significantly. They had an ambitious goal of reaching 10.000 fans in a month and trusted the Komfo Ad Manager to spread the word about their Facebook activities via automated and optimized ads.
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    • Body Shop
      “We have doubled the number of Facebook fans thanks to the Komfo Ad Manager automated ads – a fantastic result and pleasant surprise!”
      Marianne Gulløv, External Communications Manager
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    • Telia case

      Telia Improves Customer Service on Facebook

      Facebook offered Telia a new channel for two-way communication with their clients that Telia saw the potential in embracing. Telia’s goal was to provide an efficient and accessible customer service via their Facebook page and thus ensure a close and open relationship increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. By using Komfo's communication tools they organized it without a otherwise dramatic increase in time and cost.
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    • Telia
      “Komfo Platform is second to none in our customer service!”
      David Engstrøm, Communication Consultant
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    • Just Eat case

      Just-Eat increases revenue on Facebook-traffic by 18%

      Just Eat managed to significantly increase important business KPIs such as revenue, net earnings and traffic by using Komfo's tools for social media marketing.
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    • just-eat-case
      “The Komfo Ad Manager is far more effective than any other way of advertising on Facebook that we have tried”
      Casper Vestereng, Online editor
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    • Baresso case

      Baresso Increases Foot Traffic with Engaging Apps

      Baresso wanted to increase online community engagement as well as the foot traffic and sales of the Iceblend drink. They used Komfo’s engaging apps for that and achieved a 79,4% growth in sales compared to the previous year.
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    • Baresso
      “We’ve managed to involve a lot more people than we’ve expected, thanks to Komfo’s engaging apps.”
      Sinne Fredslund Madsen, Online Manager, Baresso
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    • Hummel case

      Hummel Increases Brand Awareness on Facebook

      Hummel wanted to increase their brand awareness on Facebook and when their shoe fall collection of 2012 approached they decided to run a special campaign on the social network.
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    • Hummel
      ”With the help from Komfo’s consultants and the Komfo Platform, we increased the awareness of Hummel’s brand on Facebook.”
      Anders Lunde, Online Communicator
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    • Eniro case

      Eniro Recruits Talents on Facebook

      Eniro wanted to recruit new talents to become part of the company and decided to communicate the open positions via Facebook. The goal was also to strengthen their brand as an employer over the social network.
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    • Eniro
      “Great way to use social media for recruiting sales reps”
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    • Falk Lauritsen case

      Falk Lauritsen Grew Their Fanbase with Special Offers

      Falk Lauritsen is a Danish travel agency focusing on providing great travel experiences to their clients. They wanted to take advantage of the potential Facebook offers. They needed to increase their fan base and add volume to their community and used Komfo Platform apps to create engaging content.
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    • Falk Lauritsen
      “We got almost 1000 fans in one single day!”
      Søren Buchbjerg, sales & marketing director
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    • Tina Dickow case

      Musician Tina Dico Successfully Engages Fans in Facebook Competition

      Tina Dico uses social media as an important communications tool and her Facebook page is one of the main channels where she can directly talk and listen to her fans. So when her 2012 tour approached, she wanted to use the Facebook page to engage her fans and create buzz about her upcoming concerts.
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    • Tina Dickow
      “The Facebook competition has generated a lot of buzz and supports our tour plans!”
      Camilla Moresco, Community Manager
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