Here are Our Suggestions to ‘Live’ the Komfo Summit

August 30, 2016
By Vera Verkooijen, Partner Relations & Events

1 day a year we bring Komfo’s community together and live, breathe, and celebrate social together! We absolutely love organizing this special day. We talk a lot to our customers and partners about subjects and cases and we get so inspired by it! The program for the talks is live, so check it out if you haven’t done so yet.

We also want to see and hear you during this day! It is our goal to send you home at the end of the day with a lot of new and actionable knowledge, a bunch of new friends, and a mind full of inspiration. Therefore, we are putting a lot of effort into the physical conference space and interactive content. All so you can easily meet these new friends and have enough to talk to them about. Start socializing today at #komfosummit and join the Facebook event to see who’s joining.

You are an important player this day. You get it right? It’s time to introduce you to all of the elements that will help you to get the best event experience.


Let’s kick off the Komfo Summit together and get to know the community during an informal dinner the day before the conference. Restaurant Väkst is the newest hotspot located in the city center of Copenhagen. Väkst uses fresh Nordic vegetables as its starting point, perfectly combined with meat and fish meals. Seats are limited so hurry up to reserve a spot.

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Komfo Summit is attracting a really great crowd of appr. 500 Digital- and Social Media Experts. The majority of the attendees are key decision makers in their organizations, and can’t we all use a great network in our everyday work and strategy? We’re guiding you towards the right matches via an online tool, called Brella. Many digital experts have already signed up and started using the app. Register here, find out who else will attend the Komfo Summit and book meetings easily prior to the event.

All product experts from Komfo are available for meetings. Sign up for a guru session of your choice. No matter if you are a beginner, or on a more advanced level, this is an informal talk where you can ask all your burning questions. We advise you on how to structure your activities, set up ads, or measure KPI’s. You can also talk to us about strategy, content etc.

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Visiting music conference VEGA by daylight is an experience on it’s own and will bring back a lot of memories of rock concerts or more intimate singer-songwriter performances. It is the perfect location for us to create this exclusive visual experience. The Foyer, Ideal Bar and Side Bar upstairs can be seen as the golden triangle where you can mingle & talk, relax, work, eat, drink and jump! It’s open all day, so feel free to walk around and make the kind of connections you care about.

Spoiler alert: if you enjoy surprises more than preparations, read no further!

Foyer – Trend Zone
We know that you love selfies! Especially when you don’t have to struggle with a selfie stick. At the digital advertising agency, Marvelous, they know how important little details and high quality in content are. That’s why they will be helping you out with your selfies at the Social Summit by bringing Photo Butlers! Imagine yourself in a glamorous red carpet ambience, the butler taking the perfect picture from your own phone. The only thing you need to do, is trust the butler and shine!

Ideal Bar – Creativity Zone
Sometimes spontaneous sessions in a smaller setting can make a bigger impact than the prepared Keynote sessions on the main stage. Together with the video marketing platform, TwentyThree, we are inviting you to join the interviews with speakers in the studio. The program will be kept a secret, so join the studio to be surprised!   

Ideal Bar at night: the bar comes alive with music and celebrations! Participants are invited to connect on a different level through a schedule of spectacle-filled acts!

VG Upstairs – Data Zone
Recently, Komfo released a new data framework to provide insights into social media successes and failures, and to help you make the right decisions for future campaigns. Come to the data zone to talk more about this and to see how we can visualize data in the future.
Our partner, Sitecore, will also be there to inspire you about omnichannel marketing. Last but not least: Jump for joy, jump for data. Full service agency Cabana, will bring their trampolines. Don’t miss them. It’s very healthy to jump but also a fun meeting spot.


Store Vega
Store Vega is where all the big name musicians play. At Komfo Summit, this is therefore the stage for our keynote speakers. Go and watch the presentations of a.o. Nordisk Film Biografer, Sitecore, and Brian Fanzo. Don’t be shy to ask them about their challenges, success stories, and numbers. That’s what they are here for :)  

An authentic room, with a lot of light from the streets of Vesterbro, gives us the opportunity to create intimate sessions and workshops. Different topics such as advertising, customer service, and content strategies will be discussed here by Komfo’s own customers and partners who work in both B-to-B and B-to-C markets.

We hope that you are ready to kick ass, jump around, and party together with us! Remember #komfosummit

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