How to Become a Top Performer on Social

September 1, 2016
By Claus Farsinsen, Business Advisor & Frederik Stockholm, Customer Data Analyst

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We believe that data is the main driver behind this evolution, that’s why we have conducted an analysis, which identifies the top performers on social and what makes them stand out from the crowd. In this article, we are sharing our key insights with the desire to help you improve your performance on social.

In Search of the Top Performers on Social
The analysis is based upon our customers’ ability to perform in alignment with their objectives. This led us to a segmentation into different objectives, where we identified the top performers and how they differ from the rest in terms of behavior and approach to social. We have looked into 48 organizations, which are investing heavily into advertising on social in order to reach the right audiences with the right messages.


Focus on One Objective
The first finding shows that the top performers focus on one objective or different objectives that are highly complementary. For example, companies who are focusing on ROI accept higher CPC and lower CTR. On the other hand, high performers on engagement and clicks tend to have a lower CPC and a higher CTR.

Align KPI’s with Objectives
The second finding shows that the top performers focus all their efforts on KPI´s that are highly relevant for their objectives. For example, when ROI is the objective, organizations accept higher costs. The top performers on ROI all have significantly higher costs (CPC, CPM, CPPE, post engagement pr. spend) than the top performers on engagement, who in contrast, have not set up an active ROI.

Utilize Custom Audiences
The third finding shows that the top performers, in general, are skilled in using Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences are an ad targeting option that assists brands in targeting the right audiences on social, which can be generated via your existing data – email database, website traffic, etc.

To learn more about what custom audiences are and how you can benefit from them, read our article here.

Our Key Learnings from the Top Performers on Social
By looking into the analysis, these are our key two findings and one tip on the importance of content, which we want to share with you in order to help improve your performance on social:

Stay Tuned with more Qualitative Findings
The findings we’ve shared are based on our quantitative analysis which focuses on the performance of different KPI´s. The next level of learning would lead us to identifying certain behavior, which makes the top performers stand out from the rest. Therefore, we are about to extend the analysis with a qualitative layer, where we group content in different categories in order to identify, which behavior leads to top performance among objectives and industries. So stay tuned for more findings from us!

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