Komfo Gains Double Recognition by Facebook

October 6, 2016
By Marta Droneva & Jonas Als

We are happy that our Komfo Ads tool has been recognized by Facebook and we are now an official Facebook Marketing Partner for the Ad Technology specialty! This is the second specialty Komfo is awarded and we are proud to be the first Nordic social media suite provider, partnering closely with Facebook to help companies scale their advertising and also manage their communities successfully.

Facebook Marketing Partner

In order for businesses to reach the right audience, with the right content, targeting and distribution via Facebook, advertising is key. Therefore, through the years we have put in a lot of effort and consideration to ensure we build a useful and user-friendly solution – Komfo Ads to help brands scale and optimize their advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Time Saver, ROI Booster

For the past 4 years, Komfo Ads has enabled more than 250 organizations to make great content alive on Social by distributing the right message to the right community members. It helps advertisers to save time and make the right choices in terms of targeting, distribution and analysis, ultimately leading them to a significant increase in ROI.

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The Sweet Spot where Facebook Advertising meets Community Management

We have been partnering with Facebook for some time now in order to enable our customers to effectively manage their pages and conversations. Our suite has been serving as a social inbox for community managers, where they gather all incoming conversations with their audiences and it allows for collaboration with simplicity to the rest of the social media team across offices in different locations.

With our new Ad Tech partnership with Facebook, we continue to empower community managers to work smoothly with advertisers. Besides very granular targeting options, it also enables them to effectively track any conversations in relation to ad campaigns and thus keep their community alive.

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Let’s talk Facebook Advertising!

In Komfo, we live and breathe to help our community become successful on Social! We truly believe that Facebook is a great network with amazing opportunities, and we do everything possible to help our customers in the journey of Social Business with the proper features and the right attitude. We are looking forward to strengthening our partnership with Facebook even further in the future!


Komfo at Facebook’s Global Partner Summit

We are thrilled to be joining Facebook’s Global Partner Summit on October 18-19, where we will meet with the Facebook team and partners. We will be discussing the exciting future of the social network and how it will continue to provide great value to businesses around the world. Stay tuned with more insights from the event on Facebook or Instagram!