Meet Your Social Media Guru

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During the Komfo Summit, you can participate in one-on-one sessions with Komfo’s and Sitecore’s leading digital gurus! They will all be present at Komfo Summit and you can take advantage of this by meeting them directly.

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced level expert, this is an informal talk where you can ask all your important questions. The sessions will be held on September 22 in VEGA as part of the Komfo Summit program. You will be contacted about your time slot in advance via email, so you can plan additional activities around it. All you have to do is pick your favorite guru or topic and fill in the form. We will connect you and arrange all practicalities. Hurry up as seats for these sessions are limited!

Improve Your Advertising on Social 

Marta Droneva, Head of Advertising, Komfo and Claus Farsinsen, Business Advisor, Komfo

New to advertising on social media, or do you just want a piece of advice on your current setup? Marta and Claus are Komfo’s advertising specialists and they will be happy to discuss your objectives and help you get the best results with Komfo ads. Meet them and learn how to distribute the right message, to the right audience, on social, and increase your sales and ROI.

How to Set and Measure Your Social KPIs

Zeshan Jaffari, Product Owner for Measure, Listening and Integration Platforms, Komfo
and Louise Sloth Madsen, Head of Customer Strategy, Komfo

What posts provoke your followers the most? How many of your likes are paid-for and are they worth it? Do you know which one of your pages is performing the best and in what market? Meet Louise and Zeshan who will inspire you on how to measure your results on social, in order to be successful, and grow your business. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced social media expert, Komfo’s gurus can show you all the tips and tricks to set up a dashboard fitting the KPIs of your organization.

Get an Introduction to Komfo

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Kim Steenkjær Mortensen, Head of Customer Success, Komfo

You might be invited for this conference by a friend, or you may have heard about it via Facebook. Who are Komfo and how can we help your business grow with Social Media? Book a session with one of our business advisors to get a brief introduction and to ask all your questions about our product & services.

Why is Context Marketing becoming a big deal


Jannik Devantier, Sr. Manager – Product Marketing & Sales Enablement, Sitecore

Context Marketing delivers on the promise of personalization that every marketer seeks. So what are the successful companies doing right, and what can they teach those of us who are still dreaming? Jannik is a Product Marketer at Sitecore, working with multiple customers and implementation partners to try solve the gap between desire and reality. He will be happy to discuss the challenges faced by most companies today and how to work towards overcoming them.

How to Bring Context to Social Data and Visualize Your Results

Zeshan Jaffari, Product Owner for Measure, Listening and Integration Platforms, Komfo
and Vasil Karpachev, Project Manager of Integrations and Measure, Komfo

Social is a growing part of all marketing activities and to support a strong social media strategy, it is important to have easy data flows between different business units. Komfo recently presented an open API, for customers and partners to integrate with as part of our data vision. We believe that data should not stay locked away in one department of the company. All teams should gather and share information, and thus put together the pieces of the puzzle. Meet Zeshan and Vasil, who will share their expertise on how your organization can get data in and out of social, integrate it with the rest of the company data, and thus help you improve your business results.

Do you want your social strategy to be part of the bigger picture


David Hughes, Product Manager, Sitecore

Is Social another silo for you, just like Email, Apps and maybe Web too? David is a Product Manager for Sitecore’s Marketing Applications, including Komfo Connector; products that look to integrate multi-channel experiences into an overall marketing strategy. David will be happy to chat about your business requirements and how they relate to today’s marketing landscape.

  1. Pitch your Idea on how to Improve Komfo

Jonas Als, Product Director, Komfo and Carina Puggaard, Product Specialist, Komfo

Do you have some great ideas for new features in Komfo? Something that would revolutionize working with social or just make things easier for your everyday workflow? Come and pitch your idea to Jonas and Carina!

  1. How is Your Data from Social Protected

Apostol Terziev, Software Architect, Komfo

How do we store and protect your precious data in Komfo? How are we complying with European and US regulations in order to save you time in a safe manner? Whether you are an expert or a newbie on this matter, come meet our guru Apostol and ask all your questions.