Theme 2016: How smart is social?

June 14, 2016
By Rasmus Møller-Nielsen, CEO & Co-Founder

Social constantly gets smarter. But how exactly? And where can you benefit?

At Komfo, we have put our ear to the ground and asked around to find you the right answers. The response is interesting: Teams need to collaborate in new workflows, your audience’s’ loyalty is shifting, automatization is rewiring your work opportunities and qualified data reports can improve your next campaign. And at this year’s Komfo Summit, we will tell you how to do all this. 

We have put together a day, where we are examining how social media is getting smarter these years with big opportunities for you, your company and your next campaign. With keynotes sessions in Store VEGA and interactive sessions in the Lounge, we will cover new ways of doing customer journeys, content strategy, social advertising and ROI, customer service, how to organize social media internally, digital marketing trends and how to integrate social data in marketing activities. 

To make us all smarter we have invited a mix of international social media experts and thought leaders and a strong line-up of Nordic movers and shakers. But we don’t have all the answers. You bring some, too. That is why we are inviting you to join, discuss and share insights with fellow social media experts.

Meet Keynote Speaker Brian Fanzo
We met with Brian during the tech conference “South by Southwest 2016” in Texas. We were instantly enchanted by his passion for digital storytelling across channels. Brian Fanzo: “The real question to ask is: How do you create a community of people that follow you wherever you go?” Lisbeth Chawes also had a short chat with him after visiting an off-program Snapchat panel that you can watch in the video below.

Join Komfo Summit
Be one of the 500 attendees we are expecting in 2016! Follow us on social to check the updates on the speakers for this year’s Komfo Summit. We are looking forward to celebrating social with you!

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