Meet the future of social


Komfo API

Social is a growing part of all marketing activities in large organizations. The days where the social media efforts had low or no priority are long gone and, in many cases, replaced with strategy, large budgets, and crucial impact on the overall marketing strategy.

Komfo API
To support a strong social media strategy, it is important to have easy data flow between different business units. We recently presented our open API, for customers and partners to integrate with, as part of a data vision that we have in Komfo. We envision being in the center of social data, enriching data inside Komfo from multiple sources, and providing social data to the rest of the organization. We believe that data should not stay locked in one department of the company. All teams should gather and share information, and thus put together the pieces of the puzzle.

An API is nothing without a use case
Our API is presented in sections that cover different use cases and scenarios of how to get value out of the data in Komfo.

  • ¬†Audience Connect
  • Measure Connect
  • Social Stream Connect
  • Sitecore Integration

More sections will be added as our work with the API progress.