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We are the leading social media tools provider in the Nordics with 4,000+ users and 300+ international enterprise clients across 50+ markets.

Komfo’s mission has always been to help organizations be successful on social, therefore we are always looking for new partners to team up with and expand our businesses together.

Join us as a partner and enter a community of recognized digital leaders, as well as provide your customers with industry-leading tools to deliver successful social media marketing solutions.

We collaborate with over 50 great organizations from around the world in various areas like:

  • Social Media Marketing Solutions
  • Reselling and Consultations
  • Integrations
  • Educational Seminars
  • Inspirational Webinars
  • Guest Blogging

What’s in it for you

  • Tap into our knowledge in social media marketing and gain access to a world-class social media relationships platform
  • Become a part of a worldwide community of leading edge digital and social media marketers
  • Gain exposure as a thought leader in the social media world by being part of our global Komfo community

Meet our current partners

The Komfo Partner Program helps you make your business more profitable by tapping into our global social media ecosystem.

This program gives you the possibility of growing your business with our software solution. We will ensure that it is easy and achievable for you to get ahead of the curve by providing you with all the right tools and competencies needed to leverage the power of social media to enhance your business.

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Meet Our Current Partners