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FInd out how Komfo has helped Bergendahls Food make an impact on the bottom line through authentic content and a bottom-up social media strategy.

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Bergendahls Food is Sweden’s fourth largest grocery retail company with a primary focus on the supermarket chain City Gross.

  • Build a strong and authentic identity on social that brings a food retail brand from a conservative industry into the digital era
  • Create a clear social media framework and unified strategy for smooth content and campaign execution across 43 pages and profiles, and 40+ stores in Sweden
  • Leverage relatable content that speaks to relevant audiences and meets them in the right mindset. Knowing your potential and existing customers’ behavior on social is key to content distribution

A bottom-up approach that empowers employees
Bergendahls Food operates through a national structure that gathers 40+ stores in Sweden. With so many stores across the country and a rich product offering, reaching everyone with a universal message that reuses existent printed campaigns was not an option. In order to scale their social presence and strengthen their brand, they chose instead to start from the bottom up. They did this by using a simple strategy: they listened to their customers and turned their employees into content creators.

When they had a closer look at their potential and existing customers’ behavior on social, it became clear that audiences engage more with content that is relatable and more “human”. How was this challenge tackled? They created local Facebook pages for each individual store where the SoMe managers are the actual store employees. This enabled the stores to have direct contact with their customers, engage with them online, and deliver tailored content that speaks the language of their audiences.

“After all, the stores are the people that know their own customers best. Komfo enables me to point them in the right direction in terms of content, as well as enables them to both publish content and respond to incoming traffic in the same platform.”
— Alexander Åberg, Head of Social, Bergendahls Food

“Facebook management through Komfo is a dream, especially with our setup where there’s a lot of people involved.”
— Alexander Åberg, Head of Social, Bergendahls Food


A clear SoMe framework in place for content distribution at scale
Getting a clear picture of their audiences’ social media behavior, as well as the networks they use, enabled them you to reach their social KPIs, finetune their social media strategy dynamically, and ultimately bring brand value. With a human and transparent strategy in place, the Bergendahls Food HQ was able to incorporate a more e-commerce-focused content strategy on the central Facebook and Instagram pages.

“I always try to keep a good personal tone when responding to customers to make them feel that we listen, as well as when producing new content. This makes the audience feel the same when visiting our store as when scrolling through our social content. Komfo enables us to easily manage this and get everyone in on the process in a very accessible way.”
— Alexander Åberg, Head of Social, Bergendahls Food

“In terms of results, we found the ability to reach specific target audiences, and the increased impact of this compared to other channels to be very good. This turns out especially well when combined with content tailored to for example specific stores, in our case.”
— Alexander Åberg, Head of Social, Bergendahls Food

Empowering content creators and nurturing them with a clear framework, a solid direction, and the right tools to execute their overarching social media strategy has been key to the growth of Bergendahls Food on social. It has them to increase their overall brand awareness and build a strong identity on social. Tapping into their SoMe performance dynamically has led to an optimal content distribution and a more accurate picture of the ROI from their social media marketing efforts.


Snackable content
Bergendahls Food has made it their mission to create the right content for the right channels and not fall into the trap of using the same type of communication across all their customer touchpoints. By using formats like video and snackable content, they make sure that they speak the language of their customers. Here’s their approach to video on social:


“Move away from the sales talk and adopt a storytelling approach that speaks the language of your audiences.”
— Alexander Åberg, Head of Social, Bergendahls Food

  • Create relatable and authentic content crafted for the right audience to increase brand awareness, user loyalty, and ultimately drive sales. People don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be told an engaging story
  • Focus on people, not channels. Start with why and spend time on getting to know the audiences you want to communicate with before executing across social networks
  • Set up a concrete strategy or mindset. If you know what you want to achieve with social media, the whole process becomes easier
  • Make sure that the rest of your marketing department understands the value of social, as well as what it takes to do it well
In a nutshell

Before using Komfo, Bergendahls Food had an unclear social media framework, content that was too related to their printed campaigns, and a commercial voice that did not speak to their audiences. Working with a complete software solution has enabled them to take ownership of their social media networks through a bottom-up approach, deliver relatable content that reaches their audiences, and make an impact on the bottom line.

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