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From Zero to Hero

For 30+ years, JYSK has been known as the Scandinavian powerhouse that brings great deals. With global expansion and retailer market diffusion, their position as first-movers is being challenged. Find out how they have gone from 0 to a million-plus turnover by turning Facebook into their main social engine.


JYSK is the largest Danish retail chain operating internationally that sells household goods such as mattresses, furniture and interior décor.


  • 2,100,000+ Facebook fans | 100,000 Instagram followers
  • 47 countries | 21,000 employees | 2,400 stores
  • A million+ in turnover | 80+ users in Komfo
  • 170,000+ yearly community management actions


  • Ensure that management can follow your social media strategy and its progress
  • Dare to make humour and self-irony a part of your content strategy
  • Don’t rely on your local brand reputation if you want to break through on a global market
  • Use your social data smarter by focusing on audience insights
  • Make customer-first part of your brand’s DNA

The challenge

In order to scale their business and strengthen their overall communication, JYSK needs to reach their online audiences with a clear brand message, to align a strategic content plan across markets, and to build a close relationship with their customers attuned to their needs and wishes.

The solution

A targeted social strategy aligned across 18+ markets

Since JYSK launched their page on Facebook, they have gone from a 0 turnover from e-commerce via social media to a million+ turnover today. The growth is largely created through targeted advertising to selected audiences on the basis of a strong content strategy. However, a journey like this requires much more than just putting up the right content and adverts on Facebook. It demands a large-scale organizational setup across many countries with social media anchored in management.

How do you reach your social advertising goals as a global brand retailing across 18+ markets? With Komfo, all tools for managing JYSK’s social media activities are located in one place, so that everyone always has access to the full overview. Komfo’s advertising tools control the distribution of JYSK’s updates, the primary goal being to increase the purchase conversion rate in their webshop. When JYSK has chosen their target audience, budget, and sales goal, the ad buying process is initiated, optimized and stopped automatically in Komfo. In other words, Komfo’s advertising tools take care of everything, making it easy to manage social media channels across multiple markets.

“We can now manage all our social channels across all our markets, which saves us time and means we can say goodbye to 100+ Excel sheets.”
— Anders Lunde, Social media manager, JYSK

JYSK can control the budget, target audiences, and goals directly in Komfo by setting up the core framework for all community managers across 18+ markets. This ensures the right content distribution to generate online sales and minimize unnecessary friction with the local community managers.

Content that matters: becoming experts in sleep

How do you create content on social media if you sell everything from duvets and garden furniture to scouring pads and clothespins? By keeping it simple. Stay true to the company culture and focus on a core message that resonates with your audience: make sleep better. Since JYSK started their social media strategy in 2013, they have made it their mission to establish the company’s presence on social media and produce visible results.

“We want to show on social media that JYSK is an expert in sleep.”
— Anders Lunde, Social media manager, JYSK

Their motto is the overall framework for their content strategy on social and it always has their customers’ needs in mind. Having a simple message makes it easy for JYSK’s community managers to produce content that is relevant to their audience, from advice on how to optimize your sleep environment to humorous and nostalgic content about the company’s beginnings. An example of a successful campaign in line with their brand position is a funny video featuring dogs that wake up their owners. It provided a reach of 800,000+ views.

“We use humour, but there must be a connection to our identity. We never use videos with cats, unless they are about to fall asleep.”
— Anders Lunde, Social media manager, JYSK

All social content is based on the company’s customer-first culture and this is also reflected in their customer service approach on social. Their main goal is to keep their customers happy by delivering flawless customer service on social. By monitoring the social media engagement and responses in Komfo, as well as using the Assign feature to send inquiries to the right employees, JYSK ensures that all customers receive a quick reply. At the same time, all employees can view the conversation history, as all the necessary information is gathered in Komfo. The assignment function in Komfo also helps them to show their Facebook fans when a problem is solved.

ROI beyond the metrics

Generating results through social media is hard work, as it requires focus on the right targets and KPIs. With the help of Komfo, JYSK has succeeded in generating a billion-plus turnover via Facebook. It has created the necessary consistency between JYSK’s content strategy on social media and the tough business KPIs in sales, customer service, and marketing.

The company’s Facebook initiatives are measured on a number of parameters. JYSK measures the distribution of organic, viral and paid views as a result of advertising. At the same time, they look at the webshop sales generated by Facebook advertising. This is called ROAS – Return On Advertising Spend and is used across all markets. If you see a sponsored Facebook post from JYSK, click on the link, and subsequently make a website purchase, some of the sales value is attributed to Facebook. If the purchase takes place within 24 hours, Facebook receives 90 percent of the purchase value. Within seven days, it is 50 percent, and within 7-28 days it is 30 percent.

A registration for JYSK’s newsletter carries a value of eight Danish kroner, which also decreases over time. The measurement is performed with the help of conversion pixels, which are implemented on the front page of, the checkout confirmation page, as well as the newsletter confirmation page. This means that visits from JYSK’s Facebook posts to these pages are registered as conversions. Here’s an example: in a month, as a result of Facebook advertising, 471 purchases were made in the webshop, yielding ROI of about 24X.

The advertising tools in Komfo also give JYSK the possibility to see the cost per conversion across different target groups and markets. It helps JYSK adjust their distribution strategy dynamically and continuously adapt their content plans in accordance with online sales. It also taps into JYSK’s overall reach and attributes a CPM value to obtain an assessment of their online exposure.

In a nutshell

Streamlining conversations and making use of actionable data from one powerful platform have enabled JYSK to build a loyal community, increase their sales and improve overall customer satisfaction. By using social media strategically, JYSK can already seize the business opportunities of tomorrow through new business areas, as they have the surplus to launch co-creation processes with their Facebook fans to create new products and opportunities.