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At Komfo, we are striving to inspire and educate professionals and businesses on how to be successful on social media. For this reason, we have created the Komfo Certification Program. Its goal is to equip business professionals with a profound understanding of social media management and how to use the Komfo suite to achieve great results.

Who Can Take This Certification?

The Komfo Certification Program is designed especially for our customers and partners who want to expand their social media knowledge and demonstrate that expertise to the world. The certification is suitable both for professionals and agencies, and recognizes the individual’s ability and understanding of social media management – and the Komfo suite.

The Komfo Certification Program will be updated every year as the world of social media, and the Komfo suite, evolves and new trends emerge. Therefore, you will have the chance to be certified every year.

An agency can become a Komfo Certified Partner or Client by having a minimum of two certified business professionals.


  • Benchmark your knowledge against the industry
    By becoming part of our certification program, you’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the most recognized social media specialists on social and you can rank yourself among the best within the industry.
  • Challenge and improve your knowledge
    The certification program will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, when it comes to social media marketing and the possibilities in the Komfo suite.
  • Show your expertise to the world
    By successfully completing the certification, you’ll be rewarded with a personalized badge and certificate, which you can use to demonstrate knowledge.

How it Works

As part of the certification process, you need to take an exam that consist of around 100 questions that span from in-depth knowledge about the various social media networks, legal issues around social media, social media advertising and features from the Komfo suite.

The test is conducted online and you have two hours to complete it. You will also have the option of pausing the exam for a break and to recommence at the most convenient time for you.

To prepare for the test, we encourage you to attend our training webinars and browse through our Help Center, where you’ll find guides on how to use Komfo for social media management.

Let’s Talk

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team.

If you are not a customer or partner yet, but interested in the Komfo Certification Program, contact us by filling out the form.