• Public Debate Between Elderly People Revived on Social Media

    Ældre Sagen is an association that works to improve the conditions of the elderly in Denmark. It has about 700,000 members, who fight for a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a long and good life.

    Ældre Sagen is a member-oriented organization. They listen to their members’ needs and requirements and tailor their offerings and efforts accordingly. Therefore, the association decided to actively join the social networks Facebook and Twitter and thus enable further the debate in their community. The Ældre Sagen team needed some help in their efforts on social media and they chose to trust the Komfo suite for this.

    For now, the association has focused their efforts and strategy on the social networks Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook they strive to be in contact with the public, the people who want to befriend them. They pose a lot of different stories like sweet and fun pictures, political-related ones, which concern the organization and its friends and every once in a while – videos. On Twitter the association strives to be in contact with other organizations and politicians. The main goal of Ældre Sagen is to create an interactive debate among the community and to engage their fans across the social networks.

    Ældre Sagen needed an easy way to get overview of all activities on Facebook and Twitter as well as enable the smooth collaboration inside their team. This is where the Komfo suite came in place and helped them save time and money and achieve great results.

    The Komfo Monitor enabled the Ældre Sagen team to follow closely the conversations on Facebook and Twitter and not to miss a single piece of information. The tool comprises a “social inbox” where the team can monitor all incoming requests in one flow, answer those in timely manner and collaborate internally. Thanks to Facebook, the association members often were sharing their successful stories with the community, but at some point it was hard for the Ældre Sagen team to organize and save those stories. This is where the Komfo suite helped with its “assign” functionality. The different members from the team could assign an incoming story to a special folder and thus save it and use later when needed. Thus, a lot of good stories were accumulated and shared with the public, which kept the debate alive.

    The Ældre Sagen team also needed some help with monitoring and analyzing their results on social media. The Komfo Analytics solved that issue and let them easily follow the important metrics, get a close overview of their efforts and adjust them accordingly.

    Ældre Sagen achieved fantastic results over the years and nowadays their Facebook is followed by more than 49 000 fans and engages actively more than 24 000. They won the Danish social media community’s recognition in 2013 by being selected as “Favourite Facebook Page” during Social Media Week in Copenhagen. The Komfo team is happy to be part of Ældre Sagen’s journey on social media and wishes them many more successes to come!

    Get inspired by two of their most engaging posts shared below!



    “The immature love says “I love you because I need you.” The mature love says: “I need you because I love you.” (Erich Fromm 1900-1980) Give love a “Like”.
    The post received 12,859 stories in February 2013.


    “Like” if you agree (is all we wrote). On the picture it says: It does not matter how other people see you. The important thing is who you see yourself.
    The post generated 27,277 stories: 21.304 likes, 436 comments and 5.537 shares back in November 2012.


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    "Komfo has made our everyday use of social media a lot easier! The only problem with Komfo is that it is so much fun to work with, that I spend maybe a lot of my time playing with all the different tools and checking the statistics all the time.”
    Charlotte Boman Hede, Press officer and journalist
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