• Baresso Increases Foot Traffic with Engaging Apps

    Baresso is a Danish chain of coffee shops, which always aims at providing the best coffee experience to their customers. Baresso takes that effort over to Facebook, where they actively communicate with fans and engage them with the brand.


    One of Baresso’s star drinks is the Iceblend so when the summer started approaching, they prepared a special campaign for it. Baresso’s goal was to increase online community engagement as well as the foot traffic and the sales of Iceblend, compared to the previous summer. They decided to use the potential of Facebook for that!

    Baresso used Komfo’s engaging apps for their campaign. Thanks to the Komfo social media marketing suite, they easily created 2 Facebook apps in the matter of hours.

    One of the apps was the Coffee Lab, where fans could give ideas about new desired coffee drinks. Everyone could access the lab on Facebook and share their ideas on new coffee flavors and experiences. The lab represented a real community, where creativity was recognized not only by the coffee brand but also by the fans. People were discussing all ideas and Baresso were choosing the best ones to implement in their coffee shops. Talking about coffee has never been more social and engaging!

    Baresso involved their audience also into a special poll on Facebook by asking them to choose their favorite Iceblend flavor. People were engaged in a fun way by voting for their preferred drink on the app and spreading the word among their Facebook friends.

    The apps were accompanied by Baresso’s regular Facebook posts, scheduled smartly thanks to the Komfo suite for the right day and time.


    By integrating the offline experience of trying a new drink flavor or coffee in one of Baresso’s shops with engaging apps on their Facebook page, Baresso increased sales of their Iceblend drink with 79,4% compared to the previous year. Moreover, Baresso managed to engage their community in a fun way and let the fans interact with the brand and in-between themselves.

  • Baresso
    “We’ve managed to involve a lot more people than we’ve expected, thanks to Komfo’s engaging apps.”
    Sinne Fredslund Madsen, Online Manager, Baresso
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