The Copenhagen Municipality has always tried to position and act as an innovative municipality. Therefore, they embraced social media as the new place to communicate and engage actively with their citizens in the beginning of 2013.

    The municipality was eager to start using Facebook and Instagram. Their main goal was to provide even better citizen service and create an active online community. The question was how to kick this off in the most efficient way?

    The Copenhagen Municipality chose Komfo as a partner in their efforts to utilize social media as a channel for engagement and citizen service. They developed a detailed communication plan and made regular posts to activate the conversation with the citizens. Little by little, the community became active by asking a lot of questions and looking for help from the municipality on Facebook. The conversation went even further with the Copenhagen citizens communicating and advising each other on the Facebook page – it transformed it into a real community hub.

    These activities brought excellent results, but also the need for the municipality to monitor every post closely and find a way to answer and comment in timely manner. For that they used Komfo’s Monitor & Publisher tools. These tools makes it easy for the municipality’s community manager to check every single piece of information coming from the social networks in a special “social inbox” and reply on time.

    The municipality also designed an Instagram contest that generated a lot of interactions. They simply asked the Copenhagen citizens to upload photos of “their city” and thus enter a special competition for the best picture. In four days the contest gathered 1,326 pictures.

    For four months the Copenhagen Municipality managed to activate a fan base of 11,500 fans and gather more than 1,000 comments – 90% of which were positive or neutral. Their Facebook page became a real community hub with people actively looking for advice about the city.

    Since the Facebook page’s launch, it has become the second largest referring traffic source to the municipality’s website: www.kk.dk – second only to Google.
    Also, according to a survey among the Copenhagen citizens, the municipality’s activities on Facebook resulted into 65.8% higher satisfaction with the municipality’s services! Well done :)


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    "One of the most important things for us is to get our messages out to the citizens and reply back to them on questions and posts. This is managed easily and efficient through Komfo!"
    Tine Germundsson, Communications Consultant
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