• Just Eat increases their revenue through Facebook traffic by 18%

    Just Eat is the world leader in online ordering of delivery food with operations in 13 countries.

    Just Eat’s main goal was to increase business KPIs such as revenue, net earnings and traffic to their website by leveraging their highly engaged audience on Facebook.

    Just Eat automated and optimized their Facebook ads buying by using Komfo Ads. 80 % of the budget was dedicated to boosting traffic and the remaining 20 % was dedicated to growing the fan base. The ad spend was kept at the same relatively high level as the previous period in order to track the effect of Komfo Ads.

    Furthermore, Just Eat created a communication plan containing 1-2 posts per day scheduled in the Komfo Publisher supporting their business goals.

    The traffic from Facebook to Just Eat’s webshop increased 86 % and the number of orders 69 %. There was a fanbase growth of 167 % and the reach went up to 85 %. Most importantly, Just Eat’s revenue on Facebook traffic climbed with 18 % and the net earnings with 9 %.


  • just-eat-case
    “The Komfo Ads is far more effective than any other way of advertising on Facebook that we have tried”
    Casper Vestereng, Online editor
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