• Organizing Social Media Across 13 Markets with a Positive ROI


    Back in the beginning of 2013, JYSK decided to start investing in their Facebook presence. Experts in sleeping culture, they wanted to use the power of social media in order to get closer to their community, improve their customer service and grow their business. They trusted Komfo for helping them with achieving those goals.


    Since JYSK launched their page on Facebook, they have gone from a 0 turnover from e-commerce via social media to million-plus turnover today. This growth is largely created through targeted advertising to JYSK’s main target groups on Facebook on the basis of a strong content strategy.

    However, a journey like this requires much more than just putting up the right content and adverts on Facebook. It demands a large-scale organizational setup across many countries with social media anchored in management. It’s when you have the organization in place, that you have discovered what works and where the connection points are in your community -that you can begin to scale.

    To carry out their social media activities, all the involved employees use Komfo, as all the tools for managing JYSK’s social media activities are located in one place; so everyone always has an full overview.

    With Komfo’s tools, we can manage all our brands on all social channels across all our markets, which saves us time and means we can say goodbye to looking for information in 117 different Excel sheets.” — Anders Lunde, Social Media Manager, JYSK.

    Komfo’s advertising tools are especially important for the current growth JYSK is experiencing online. Through them, JYSK can easily manage advertising on Facebook without having to hire an advertising expert to get optimal ROI.


    JYSK have quickly gone from being present on social media to being organized at scale. There is now a community manager for each of the markets that JYSK Nordic is present in. On top of this, JYSK has taken steps towards becoming a social business where the community contributes to creating the products.

    There are still many ‘lessons to learn’, both as the organization develops its use of social media in e-commerce and in terms of the community, and as social media continue to change and evolve, but JYSK is one of the international companies that are close to being a real social business.

    If you want to learn more about how JYSK achieved success on social media, download and read our case study.


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