• Semper Case


      Semper wants to make sure they are always available for fans to address their needs and questions. Timely communication on social media can be a real challenge when your team involves more than 200 people across countries. Semper solved it with the help of Komfo.
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    • Smoothie yog med frukt
      “For us it’s very important to answer consumers’ questions as soon as possible and Komfo makes me feel very safe that I don’t “lose” any questions on the page. Komfo has saved us a lot of working hours as it is so easy to work with.”
      Catharina Fertaki Bergström, Customer Development Specialist
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    • Baresso case

      Baresso Increases Foot Traffic with Engaging Apps

      Baresso wanted to increase online community engagement as well as the foot traffic and sales of the Iceblend drink. They used Komfo’s engaging apps for that and achieved a 79,4% growth in sales compared to the previous year.
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    • Baresso
      “We’ve managed to involve a lot more people than we’ve expected, thanks to Komfo’s engaging apps.”
      Sinne Fredslund Madsen, Online Manager, Baresso
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