• Team Danmark case

      Team Danmark Recruit Fans Successfully with Facebook Ads

      Team Denmark aimed at creating an active Facebook community and the first step towards their success was to recruit the right fans, who would be genuinely interested in elite sports. They decided to try Facebook advertising and by using the Komfo Ads managed to double their fanbase within less than a week.
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    • Team Danmark
      “After introducing Facebook ads through Komfo Ads we doubled our fanbase from 700 to 1500 within less than a week.”
      Mads Sejerøe, Communications consultant
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    • Sony PlayStation case

      Sony PlayStation Increased their Reach Significantly with Facebook Ads

      Sony PlayStation in the Nordics wanted to increase their awareness and reach on Facebook. They decided to try Facebook advertising and trusted the Komfo Ads for help with it. The campaign results were fantastic and significantly higher when compared to previous months.
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    • PS3
      “We concentrate on creating great content. Komfo Ads takes care of the rest.”
      Casper Leise Andersson, Community Coordinator
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    • Tv3 case


      TV3 wanted to bring their reality show Paradise Hotel even closer to the fans and make them interact actively. Komfo provided TV3’s digital team with the right tools and support so they could focus on what they do best - creating good content and communicating with the audience. The results were fantastic with their fan base increasing with 300% for one year.
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    • Paradise Hotel
      “Komfo gives us the tools to create engaging content for our users. The Komfo team is always ready to help both with technical questions but also creative brainstorming.”
      Stephanie Winkel, TV3 Play & Social Media Manager
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