• Ældre Sagen Case

      Public Debate Between Elderly People Revived on Social Media

      Ældre Sagen is a member-oriented organization. They listen to their members' needs and requirements, and tailor their offerings and efforts accordingly. Therefore, the association decided to actively join the social networks Facebook and Twitter, and thus enable further the debate in their community. The Ældre Sagen team needed some help in their efforts on social media and they chose to trust the Komfo suite for this.
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    • Ældre sagen
      "Komfo has made our everyday use of social media a lot easier! The only problem with Komfo is that it is so much fun to work with, that I spend maybe a lot of my time playing with all the different tools and checking the statistics all the time.”
      Charlotte Boman Hede, Press officer and journalist
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    • Team Danmark case

      Team Danmark Recruit Fans Successfully with Facebook Ads

      Team Denmark aimed at creating an active Facebook community and the first step towards their success was to recruit the right fans, who would be genuinely interested in elite sports. They decided to try Facebook advertising and by using the Komfo Ads managed to double their fanbase within less than a week.
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    • Team Danmark
      “After introducing Facebook ads through Komfo Ads we doubled our fanbase from 700 to 1500 within less than a week.”
      Mads Sejerøe, Communications consultant
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