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Komfo Summit

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Stay ahead of the curve with chatbots, the new era of customer service, the impact of AI and machine learning, Snapchat influencers anno 2017, and many more!

Have you missed on the meaningful moments from the fourth edition? The presentations are available for download.

Catch the vibe with all the captured moments from the day here.

Since 2014, Komfo Summit has hosted speakers like:

  • Carlos Gil, Snapchat Storyteller
  • Christina Boutrup, China Specialist
  • Emma Blom, Social Industries
  • Mats Lyngstad,
  • Mads Cramer, Geelmuyden Kiese
  • Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus, Kubb&Co
  • Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz
  • David Schneider, ThatLot
  • Gus Murray, Revolt
  • Lari Numminen, Twitter
  • Prof. Ravi Vatapu, Copenhagen Business School
  • Rasmus Fisker, MediaCom
  • Rikke Buck-Thrane, Danske Bank
  • Rufus Gifford, US Embassy Denmark
  • Simon Willer & Troels Donnerborg, Red Cross
  • Steffen Trannerup, Blockbuster
  • Stine PĂ„skesen, Nordisk Film Biografer


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