Meet the future of social

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Meet the future of social

We believe that the social media realm is the ultimate expression of digital advancements. It’s all about being smart, efficient, and connected.

At Komfo, we love tackling new ideas and finding out how they can impact your business. That’s why we have turned Medium into our digital playground, where our specialists share their insights and dreams about the state of social media and what the future holds.

Three dmexco insights on the now frontier

AI, automation, voice search, ephemeral storytelling, the GDPR, the future of messaging… Change is happening and the now frontier is here. And we all witnessed it at this year’s dmexco.

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Feel the pulse of SXSW 2017!

Find out what cutting-edge industry trends we brought home with us from one of the world’s largest technology conferences.

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New Komfo  – Guiding you through the social media cityscape

We might claim that we have the best looking software tools out there. But find out what it’s all about yourself.

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