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What Facebook posts provoke your followers the most? How many of your likes are paid… and are they worth it? Which one of your pages is performing the best and in what market?

Based on over a year of hard work, we are now ready to present a brand new analytics framework for Komfo Measure that will take your social media performance to new levels. The brand new data framework provides insights into social media successes and failures, and helps you make the right decisions for future campaigns.

With this release, we are laying the tracks for a near-future rollout of machine learning. It might sound sci-fi – and frankly, it is! While everyone is talking about it, here is an ambitious bid to customize suggestions for social media actions based on large-scale data review.

We have made you the center of our design

With the new Measure, we want to expand our social media management beyond publishing, social advertising, monitoring, and listening. Instead, we are providing you with an all-embracing framework. Great feedback from existing Komfo users gave us a clear direction for the new analytics framework: it should be more in-depth, include new comparisons, yet make it easy to get an overview and act on all available data.

“Komfo Measure gives us unique insights into our global activities on social, which makes it essential for planning our campaigns. We can get a clear idea of the impact of our paid content and we can measure and share our KPIs across team with the help customizable dashboards. No white noise, just the things we need to know.”
– Janni Mørch Nielsen, Communication & Community Coordinator, Hummel

We have listened to all your ideas and have a raised a few more questions! With the new Komfo Measure, we are giving you a faster platform; comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard; more widgets with new insights to how your pages, posts, and ads are performing; and updated tools to better understand your engagement and responses cross-channel. The results should speak for themselves.

“The new Measure dashboard gives us a fantastic opportunity to easily track the performance of all the 19 countries we operate in. It enhances the overview, which allows us to react faster when something needs our immediate attention.”
– Mette Schacht, Social Media Specialist, Jysk Nordic

Our biggest wish with the new Measure is to give you a better work experience. We have worked hard to give the new widget-based dashboard an appealing and user-friendly design with an easy overview of key metrics. Each widget is fully customizable in terms of your orders, channels, and time spans. This way, the dashboard shows what is important to you and reflects your team’s targets. And the fun doesn’t stop here: you can create as many dashboards with as many widgets as you wish!

All the social data you need to get ahead

– Compare performance
With the new widgets, you are now able to track and compare the performance of all your Facebook pages including user engagements, fan growth, reach, spam score, and more. This means that you can track and compare the engagement between different sub-brands and all of your country pages to see where the momentum is. In other words, no more compiling data across pages. We are doing that for you!

– New insights into your actions
Your analytics are moving beyond posts and pages. Now, you have access to insights that include statistics from all parts of the system e.g. page, post and ad analytics. You can also take advantage of a number of advanced metrics in the new analytics including both organic and paid numbers. In other words, you get the whole picture in one go!

– Dark posts move into light
The new dashboard includes tracking of dark posts. These posts are tagged and easily recognizable in a new and advanced mini-feed. Improved features include statistical insights based on data from all parts of your social media activities e.g. ads, monitoring, and publishing.

– Insights into what your followers like to share
The new IPM includes smart analytics, so that you can incorporate more data into the calculation of your engagement level. Besides comments and likes, the measurement of your overall interactions also includes your shares, just like we are tracking Facebook reactions according to the new emoji options. All of these insights are available on both post and page level, giving you a better indication of the overall level of engagement.

Co-create the next frontier in social data

Komfo Measure is more than just a new and improved framework for social data. It is a service with a cutting-edge potential, but we need your help to unleash it. With Facebook and Instagram (link to Instagram on Measure), we are taking the first steps in pulling data from pages across your social media channels in order to start automating suggestions and customizing opportunities. With the new structure behind Measure, we are on the way to more intelligent data processing to help you create better-performing posts and get closer to your fans and followers.

In the near future, when we got enough data stored in this framework, we will be able to implement machine-learning algorithms and from this, provide the first predictive and later prescriptive insights to guide your social media actions. This means that you will be given instant and solid guidelines for e.g. which time is best for optimal engagement. So please put our new analytics service to good use. The more you use it, the closer we get to co-creating the next frontier in social data.

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