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Video retargeting on Facebook

The gem of Facebook advertising

Video has become the name of the game and this comes as no surprise. It’s easy to consume, it keeps us hooked, and it’s on every device. Gain the upper hand of its hype by using Facebook’s retargeting capabilities.

The myth that videos are complicated and expensive to produce is being challenged by many smart applications and affordable devices used by beginners and professionals alike. Nowadays, videos are also released in real time, where easy-to-use applications like Periscope and professional tools like the ones our partners TwentyThree provide are used for live streaming.

Video retargeting on Facebook

Facebook took on the wave and brought the power of video one step further. Videos have definitely risen higher in their algorithm hierarchy and they currently flood our News Feeds. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, over 500 million Facebook users consume video on daily basis, which adds up to over 100 million hours of viewing.

Gain the upper hand of the video hype by using Facebook’s capabilities of advertising to users who have engaged with your videos. This powerful tool is called video retargeting. Whether or not your viewers have watched an entire video, you can create a defined Facebook audience consisting of those specific users that you can later use for targeting your ads.

Why should you use video retargeting?

  • Reach out to the right audiences
    There’s no doubt that the ones who have checked out your video have some interest in your brand, since they have interacted with it in one way or another. Grab this opportunity to show them more of your great content and increase your chances for conversion.
  • Create relevant ad content
    Now that you know which videos your users have watched, tailor your next ad to match them! You can expose your video audiences to all available Facebook formats – text updates, links, images, and video. What we’ve seen working very well is the use of a branded image that complements the video in question. Please note that the retargeting functionality only works with native videos that have already been uploaded to Facebook, not cross-posted YouTube videos.
  • Expand your reach
    Expand your social media exposure by targeting relevant users with similar behavior and interests to the ones that have watched your video. You can do that by creating a Lookalike Audience from an existing audience consisting of the users that have interacted with your video.

How to do video retargeting?

With a powerful social media software, it is easy to target the users that have interacted with your videos in just a few clicks. No matter if your audience has watched your video content partly or completely, this functionality enables you to design your customers’ experience journey and tailor it to their needs. You can create a unique content flow for the people that have watched your whole video by targeting them with a specific ad in line with the video content. In contrast, you can show different content to the users who have only watched part of your video, thus providing them with distinct experiences at different stages of their journey.

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