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99% overall customer satisfaction

Friendly, efficient, and educated support is part of our culture.

Our mission is to help you be in the know about Komfo and elevate your social acumen by continuously training, advising, and challenging you.

We love social media and we are highly trained in social media advancements and, of course, the use of Komfo. Our Customer Success Team will be your primary go-to for getting started with the Komfo Suite. They will make sure that your journey with Komfo meets and exceeds your expectations in terms of social media knowledge, service, and the overall performance of your business.

Komfo Services

At Komfo, we deliver a variety of professional services to help our customers get the most out of their social media activities. Our services vary in complexity, ranging from direct phone support to the strategic handling of the social media marketing efforts of our customers.


  • Personalized onboarding
  • Social audits that challenge the way you work
  • Be apart of the Komfo Community
  • Ongoing support from our specialists
  • Best practices and know-how that help you become a top performer on social


We have made friendly, efficient, and educated support an important part of our DNA. The satisfaction level of our support services averages at 99%, according to an in-depth Zendesk satisfaction survey. We are doing everything we can to provide you with the right answers within minutes after submitting your request. Our email support is handled by a qualified in-house team, knowledgeable about our software solution, as well as social media marketing and management.

Q&A Sessions

Every month, Komfo hosts a three-hour Q&A session at the Komfo HQ where all Komfo users are invited to join. During these meetings, the Komfo Support Team handles all your Komfo and social media related questions. We can, amongst other things, assist you with setting up your campaign on social, provide you with tips & tricks for the right distribution of content across social media networks.

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