Komfo Summit All-Star Webinar: Gus Murray on “Data, Creativity & Insight”


About the webinar

We have hand picked the best speakers from our Komfo Summit event to share ideas and knowledge with you on how to be successful on social. Our last installment of the Komfo Summit All-Star webinar series is with Gus Murray, who is the Managing Director at Revolt agency. He will use his passion for digital media and data to help brands better understand the benefit of utilizing data-informed approaches in order to deliver better creative strategic solutions – highlighted through some very interesting insights and brand examples.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Intended us and deliverance of data
  • Strategic approaches of data usage for creative purposes
  • Usage and optimizing of data in a strategic construct
Gus Murray, Managing Director, Revolt agency
Gus has over 10 years experience within the digital landscape. His true passion lies with utilizing digital mediums to create and develop better business opportunities. Today, he advises global organizations and brands on how to obtain tangible results through data orientated strategy solutions.
Picture of Lisbeth Chawes Lisbeth Chawes, Marketing & Partner Director, Komfo
Lisbeth has over 15 years of experience with digital strategy and business development. She consults international businesses and is responsible for developing Komfo’s worldwide partner network.