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Social ROI

Facebook ROI beyond the numbers

Uncover the secrets behind Facebook ROI with best practices from the industry.

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Facebook's News Feed algorithm

Facebook’s News Feed is changing, keep your brand page relevant

Get actionable tips to stay on top of the latest algorithm changes and maximize your social media reach.

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Unboxing the GDPR - Part 2

GDPR and cyber security (in Danish)

Are you prepared for the new regulations on cyber security, data protection, and its impact on social media?

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What's in store for 2018

The future of social

Are you ready for the content and marketing trends that will dominate the social media space in 2018?

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What's new

Level up with our latest releases

Maximize your social media performance with the newest features in Komfo.

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Unboxing GDPR - Part 1

Why and how to prepare for the GDPR (in Danish)

Are you ready for the upcoming GDPR regulations?

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Employee advocacy

Rethinking employee advocacy on social

Employees have the potential of becoming the strongest brand ambassadors. Do we cultivate this enough in the organization?

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The good, the bad, and the ugly of AI

How do you meet the now frontier?

Get your questions answered with hard facts and a concrete view on meeting the future from digital transformation expert - Grimur Fjeldsted.

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Instagram vs Snapchat

The Snapchat - Instagram stories battle

Find out how Snapchat and Instagram have changed the social game and how you can leverage them.

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Action steps in SoMe crisis management

The calm before the storm

Do you want to improve the way you engage with your customers and prevent SoMe shitstorms from setting off?

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Data, creativity and insight

How creative are you with your brand's data?

Revolt's Managing Director & Komfo Summit speaker - Gus Murray kills the misconception that data is the enemy of creativity.

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Creative content on Instagram

How do you make your content stand out?

With over 600 million users, Instagram is growing at a fast pace. Hone your content strategy with David Ledstrup, Head of Social at Marvelous.

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Social Advertising Beyond the Numbers

What you're probably overlooking

Reaching the right goals with social ads takes more than knowing the right buzzwords.

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Content Marketing for B2B

An outside-in perspective on the content status quo

Pravda’s Anders Lunde is here to challenge B2B enterprises to look at content marketing through a different lens.

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Increase Participation with Facebook Events

Are events part of your strategy on social?

Get proven insights on how to be successful with Facebook events from a popular Danish music venue.

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