Meet the future of social

Data, creativity and insight

How creative are you with your brand's data?

Revolt's Managing Director & Komfo Summit speaker - Gus Murray kills the misconception that data is the enemy of creativity.

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Creative content on Instagram

How do you make your content stand out?

With over 600 million users, Instagram is growing at a fast pace. Hone your content strategy with David Ledstrup, Head of Social at Marvelous.

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Social Advertising Beyond the Numbers

What you're probably overlooking

Reaching the right goals with social ads takes more than knowing the right buzzwords.

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Content Marketing for B2B

An outside-in perspective on the content status quo

Pravda’s Anders Lunde is here to challenge B2B enterprises to look at content marketing through a different lens.

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Increase Participation with Facebook Events

Are events part of your strategy on social?

Get proven insights on how to be successful with Facebook events from a popular Danish music venue.

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